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Dodge County Seat
Mantorville, Minnesota 55955  
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Advantage Industrial Park


Geo. B. Arnold's Addition to West Concord


Eli B Ayars Addition to Dodge Center


Ayar's 2nd Addition


Replat of Block 2 Ayars Second Addition


Baker's Addition


Balstad Addition


Bentbrook Subdivision


M.A. Berdan's Addition


Berdan's Second Addition


Berdan's Townhome Addition


Bergmann Hills Subdivision


Bessler's First Subdivision


Bigelow First Subdivision


Bigelow Second Subdivision


Bigelow Third Subdivision


Bigelow Fourth Subdivision


Bigelow Estates


Bigelow - Voigt First Subdivision


Bigelow - Voigt Second Subdivision


Bigelow - Voigt Third Subdivision


Bigelow - Voigt Fourth Subdivision


Bigelow-Voigt Fifth Subdivision


Bigelow-Voigt Sixth Subdivision


Bigelow-Voigt 7th Subdivision


Blaine - Scott Subdivision No. 1


Blaine's Subdivision No. Two


Blaine's Fourth Subdivision


Blaine's Fifth Subdivision


Advantage Industrial Park


Blaine's Seventh Subdivision


Blaine's Eighth Subdivision


Blaine's Ninth Subdivision


Blaine's Tenth Subdivision


Blaine's Eleventh Subdivision


Blaine's 12th Subdivision


Blaine's Third Subdivision


Blaines Oak Manor


Brook Meadows


Buckingham Estates


Buck's Addition


Bzoskie Addition


Cain's Subdivision


Candlewood Heights


Carlsen's First Subdivision


Cascade Creek Subdivision


C. C. White's Addition


C. C. White's Second Addition


Cedar-Oaks Country Estates


Christenson's Rolling Hills Addition


Country Oak Estates


Countryside Estates


Cowell Addition


Czaplewski Addition


Czaplewski Second Addition


Dallmann's First Subdivision


Deer Meadow


Deer Wood


Deerwood Hills


Demmer's First Addition


Depot Grounds Subdivision


Dodge Center East Industrial Park


Donaldson Subdivision


Doran's and Lurken's First Addition


Dubbels First Subdivision


East Creek Commercial Addition


Eastwoods Subdivision


Edgewood Estates


Edgewood Estates Second Subdivision


Fairbank & Stewarts Addition


Fairway Hills Subdivision


Flicek's First Addition


Folkestad Subdivision


Frank Mantor's Riverview Subdivision


Myron H. Gilbert's Addition


Gilbertson's Addition


Gilbertson's Second Addition


Golfview Estates


Goodman Hilltop Subdivision


Grand View Addition


Greystone Subdivision


Hacks Addition


Handevidt's First Subdivision


Harrington's Addition


Hayfield Industrial Park Second Addition


Hayfield Townhomes


Herzog Subdivision


Hickory Addition


Hillside Estates Subdivision


Hoaglund's First Subdivision


Hoaglund Second Subdivision


Hoaglund Third Subdivision


Holderness Replat


Huse Addition


Huse's Third Subdivision


Industrial Park Addition


Investors 96


J. E. Bunkers Addition


J. H. Kassons Addition


Johncott First Subdivision


Johnson Corners 1st Addition


Johnson's Rolling Meadow First Addition


Johnson's Rolling Meadow Second Addition


Johnson's Rolling Meadow Third Addition


Joseph White's Addition


Kasson Industrial Park


Kasson Industrial Park Two


Kasson-Mantorville Heights


Kasson Meadows


Kasson Meadows Second Subdivision


Kasson Meadows Third Subdivision


Kasson Meadows Fourth Subdivision


Kasson Meadows Fifth Subdivision


Kasson Meadows Sixth Subdivision


Kellar Oak Woods Estates


Klocke Second Subdivision


Klocke Subdivision


Kuth's Subdivision


Leth Subdivision


Lindon Manor


Lindon Manor Replat


Little's Meadow View Estates


Lomar Acres


Loppnow's First Subdivision


Mantor Estates


Mantor Woods


Martin Air Estates First Subdivision


Marti's First Subdivision


Masten Creek Ridge


Masten Creek Woodlands


Mathias Subdivision


McNeilus First Subdivision


McNeilus Second Subdivision


McNeilus Third Subdivision


McNeilus Fourth Subdivision




Meadow View Estates


Meadow View Second


Meadow View Third




Morningside Second Addition


Morningside Third Subdivision


Morningside Addition


M - S First Subdivision


Nelson's Subdivision


North Park Second Subdvision


North Park Subdivision




Northway's Addition


Oak Ridge Estates


Oak View Estates


Olive Branch East Estates


Olive Branch West Estates


Jonathan Owen's Addition


Park Crest Addition


Park Place Subdivision


Park Side Addition




J. W. Parmenters Addition


J. W. Parmenters Second Addition


Patterson's Addition


Paukert's 1st Addition


Paukert's Second Addition


Pederson's & Ottesen's Addition


Pioneer Trails


Power's Addition


Prairie Stone


Prairie Willow Estates


Prairie Willow Estates Second


Prairie Willow Estates Third


Prairie Willow Townhomes


H. W. Pratts Addition


Renroc Subdivision


Ridge View Estates


River Valley Estates


Rivers Edge Addition


Rivers Edge Addition #2


R K & T First Addition


Roeder Estate


Rolling Hills


Rolling Hills Manor


Rolling Meadows


Ross First Subdivision


Rouhoff's First Subdivision


Rouhoff's Second Subdivision


Royal Oak Estate


Sacramento Second Subdivision


Sacramento Ridge Subdivision


Salem Creek Subdivision


Scholl and Coon's Subdivision




Shannon's Isle


Shopko Addition


Sinnwell's First Subdivision


South Bend Commercial Park


SouthFork Subdivision


Spring Creek


Standard Lumber Southview Acres


Stone Ridge


Stone Ridge Patio Homes


Stony Creek Estates


Sunrise Second Addition


Sunrise Addition


Sunset Addition


Swenke's First Subdivision


Swenke's Hillside


Swenke's Riverside


Swiss Valley View First Subdivision


Swiss Valley View Second Subdivision


Swiss Valley View Third Subdivision


T. S. Slingerland's Addition


Thiemann Addition


Tiegen's Valley View


Tierney Addition


Timber Line Subdivision


Travelers Way


Trow's First Subdivision


Trow's Second Subdivision


Trow's Third Subdivision


Trow's Fourth Subdivision


Vale's First Subdivision


W. B. Parson's Addition to Village of Hayfield


W B Parsons Addition to Village of Dodge Center


W.E. Porter's Addition


Watermans Addition


Welsh Subdivision


West Side Park Addition


Western Acres




Westgates Addition


Westpark Townhomes


Westphal's First Subdivision


Westwood Subdivision


Whitetail Estates


Whitetail Estates No. 2


Wicker's Addition


Wicker's 2nd Addition


Wicker's 3rd Addition


Wickum First Subdivision


Wight's Addition


Wild Flower Acres


Williamson's Addition


Frank Wilsons Subdivision


Zumbro Heights Subdivision


Auditor's 1st Add


Auditor's 2nd Addition


Auditor's Plat


Daniel's Plaza CIC #8


D. C. Town Homes CIC #4


Kasson Meadows Second Subdivision


Manorwood Court Condominium CIC #1


Mantor Village Townhomes CIC #6


Marigold Manor Condominium CIC #2


Masten Creek View CIC #9


Northwest Townhomes CIC #5


South Fork Second Subdivision CIC #13


West Meadows Condominium CIC#3


West Meadows Condominium 1st Supplement


West Meadows Condominium 2nd Supplement


West Meadows Condominium 3rd Supplement


West Meadows Condominium 4th Supplement


West Meadows Condominium 5th Supplement


Replat of Lots 9, 10, 11, 12, Block 1 Bigelow-Voigt Second Subdivision


Plat of Buchanan


Village of Cherry


Dodge Center Municipal Airport Subdivision No.1


From Mantors Addition to the Village of Mantorville


Frank Willsons Subdivison to the Village of Mantorville


H. Wescott's Addition to the Village of West Concord


H.E. Walkers Addition to the Village of West Concord


Hacks Second Addition


Outlots in North-East Quarter, Section 22, Township 105, Range 11


Houstons First Subdivision


J.W. Cooper's Addition to West Concord


Kasson Industrial Park Three


Mantor Woods West Subdivision


Mathias Second Subdivision


Meadow View Fourth


Addition to Rice Lake City


Plat of Village North of Concord


Plan of the Town of Ashland


Subdivision of a Portion of the town of Rice Lake


Plan of the Town of Claremont


Plan of the town of Dodge Centre


Map of the Village of Hayfield


Plan of the Town of Wasioja


Plan of the Town of Concord


Plan of the Town of Kasson


Plan of the Town of Mantorville


Plan of the Village of West Concord


Overland Addition


Ridge View Estates Replat


Plan of the Town of Sacramento


Addtion to the Town of Rice Lake


Auditors Revision of Lots 2 thru 19 Inclusive Auditors Second Addition, Dodge Center