-Speed Trailer Program-
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Speed Trailer Program

Speed related motor vehicle complaints are one of the most frequent types of complaints your local law enforcement receives.  In order to address this issue, the Dodge County Sheriff’s office looked into different ways to combat this problem.

In March of 2009, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office solicited bids for a speed trailer and eventually purchased one from Monitor Systems.   This trailer was fully funded by sales of DWI forfeited vehicles.  No tax payer dollars were used to fund this program.

This trailer now gives us the opportunity to monitor traffic activity in different locations throughout our county and municipalities. The numeric display shows the speed of the approaching vehicle and can be pre-programmed to flash when a vehicle reaches a certain speed. When the numbers on the display are flashing, this is an indication that the motorist is traveling at a speed great enough to warrant a citation.

An on-board data collection system allows officers to monitor traffic counts and speeds.  This data will assist with determining which areas need extra traffic enforcement.

The trailer can be requested by any county and/or city resident who has a roadway in our county where they are concerned about speeding motorists.

Any questions about the speed trailer or requests for the trailer can be directed to Deputy Mark Dyshaw at 507-635-6200 or via email mark.dyshaw@co.dodge.mn.us.