Dodge County Sheriff's Office History
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The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office would like the community’s help in continuing to develop this History Page for the Sheriff’s Office.  

In 1855, then Minnesota Territorial Governor Willis Gorman appointed JB Hubbell, as Dodge County’s first Sheriff. In November of 2014, Scott Rose was elected our 26th Sheriff of Dodge County.  We have over 160 years of history we would like to document more about online.  We are looking for any historical information, pictures of employees, squads, equipment, offices, buildings, etc. that we could post on our history page. 

If you have any information you would like them to considering using on their website, please contact Sheriff Scott Rose by e-mail at:, or call #507-635-6200.



Sheriff's of Dodge County:

1855-1855                             JB HUBBELL

1856-1857                            CH MOSES

1857-1859                        JOEL WATKINS

1860-1861                            MB DOLSON

1862-1863                            JF WRIGHT

1864-1867                          WILLIAM WEST

1868-1869                            D KELLER

1870-1870                            M EDISON

1871-1871                        ALFRED BROWN

1872-1877                            EK WHITING

1878-1890                            JE GETMAN
                                            JE Getman

1891-1895                            WA HOUSTON

1896-1902                            JOEL TUCKER

                                            Sheriff Joel Tucker

1903-1907                            JOHN BROWN

                                            Sheriff John Brown

1908-1912                             JL GRISWALD

1913-1926           SEVERT L GILDERHUS

1927-1942                                 LH STUBBE

1943-1954                       RUDY L BENSON

1955-1970                       WILLIS J FRYER

                                             Sheriff Willis J Fryer

1971-1974             WILFRED H MEITZNER

1974-1990         ERNEST J VANDERHYDE
                                         Sheriff Ernest Vanderheide

1991-2002                    WILLIAM B WEBER
                                       Sheriff Bill Weber

2003-2009                    GARY THOMPSON
                                      Sheriff Gary Thompson

2009-2010                          JIM TRIHEY
                                      Sheriff Jim Trihey

                         JIM JENSEN
                                        Sheriff Jim Jensen

2015-Present                     SCOTT ROSE                                                                                                                              



Dodge County Sheriff's Captain Loring Guenther died of a heart attack shortly after returning home from work on September Captain Loring Guenther10th, 2013.  The 43 year old Captain had been with the Sheriff's Office since 1994.  Captain Guenther's positive, enthusiastic personality helped him quickly move up the ranks  at the Sheriff's Office being promoted from patrol to training deputy, Sergeant of training, and later Captain.  

In addition to his work for the Sheriff's Office, Captain Guenther was also a instructor for the law enforcement program at Rochester Community and Technical College, and was very active each year volunteering for the local Toys for Tots program.

After reviewing the case, the State of Minnesota's Department of Public Safety deemed Captain Guenther's death a Line of Duty death, making it the third Line of Duty (LOD) death in Dodge County and the 273rd LOD death in the state's history.  in 2013, he was one of the 119 officers that died in the Line of Duty in the United States.  There were 10 others that year that died of heart attacks.  


Claremont Police Chief Gregory Lange was shot and killed on July 5th, 1988 while trying to break up a domestic argument in the city of Claremont, less than 200 feet away from his own residence. greg lange plaque
This plaque is displayed on the first floor of the Dodge County Courthouse in his memory. The 39 year old chief had worked in Claremont for 2 1/2 years. Prior law enforcement experience included serving as a police officer in Owatonna from 1972 to 1979.

Dodge County Sheriff Ernie Vanderhyde said he and Lange had an excellent working relationship and Lange was dedicated to his job. Lange was very well liked in his community. In addition to coaching little league, he opened his home after school to kids who's parents weren't home. Lange also helped start a Crime Stoppers Program and a drug hotline. He was survived by his wife Sue and son Chris who was 12 years old at the time of his death.

Chief Lange was the second Line of Duty death in Dodge County history.  In 1988, Lange was the 230th law enforcement officer to be killed in the line of duty in Minnesota.  



DCSO 1987 Dept Picture

1987 Dodge County Sheriff's Office department photo


DCSO 1982 Department Photo

1982 Dodge County Sheriff's Office department photo


DCSO 1979 Department Photo

1979 Dodge County Sheriff's Office department photo


Hayfield Police Officer Willy (William James) Richardson Hayfield Police Officer Willy (William James) Richardson shown in this picture in the late 70s - this picture was taken sometime before the city decided to contract with the Dodge County Sheriff's Office for law enforcement services .





Sheriff Ernest J Vanderhyde Dodge Monaco

Sheriff Ernest J Vanderhyde in a 1978 Dodge Monaco Patrol Squad


DCSO 1977 Building

This is a picture of the Sheriff's Office location back in 1977.  The Sheriff's Office had received two CB Radios that year donated by the Dodge County Posse.  This building is currently being used as a county vehicle maintenance shop.  



Dodge Dart DCSOSquad       WillisJFryer CampaignSign

Sheriff Willis J. Fryer's 1960 Dodge Dart Squad and Campaign Poster



sheriff resignation

 sheriff wh meitzner
Sheriff Meitzner usually wore suits insead of a uniformSheriff Meitzner was known to usually wear a suit instead of a uniform.
Sheriff WH Meitzner (far right)

unknown man, Fryer and Meitzner  

 Civil War / Sheriff Joel Tucker
Sheriff Joel Tucker (far right)

Sheriff Joel Tucker was one of the youngest men enlisted in the Civil War.  He served as Dodge County Sheriff from 1896-1902.

Courtroom PictureThe Dodge County Courthouse is being remodeled in 2015 to look like the courtroom of 1904. 

Courthouse Steps Picture


1905 - HAYFIELD POLICE OFFICER KILLEDhayfield ole havey

40 year old Hayfield Police Officer Ole Havey was shot and killed on December 30th, 1905 while interrupting a burglary in progress inside the Dalen & Alrick Mercantile Store in Hayfield.

The book: FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH: The Nearly-Forgotten 1905 Murder of a Hayfield Policeman, written by John Gross tells the story of Officer Ole Havey and Frank McVey, the man convicted of Havey's murder. Officer Havey left a wife and three children ages 2 months to 10 years.

Officer Havey was the 1st Line of Duty death in Dodge County history and the 19th LOD death in the state's history.


While the county has never really had a "jail" where multiple prisoners could be held, we do still have the first jail cell on display in Mantorville.  The Restoration House is located just south of the courthouse in Mantorville.  In around 1855 the first floor of this house was rented to the county to house Offices of the Sheriff and Treasurer.  Our first jail cell is located in the basement of this house and on display.  They also held court on the main floor of this house until the courthouse was completed in 1865.  The Sherif's Office then moved into the basement of the courthouse and was there until 1975 when it was moved to the location across from the bank in Mantorville.  It remained there until 1991 when it was moved to our current location in the courthouse at the top of the hill.

Restoration Housedoor to basementfirst jail cellIMG