Public Health: Environmental Health
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  • Investigation of public health nuisances.
  • Lead education provided and testing.
  • Limited number of free radon test kits available through Dodge County Public Health in Dodge Center.  Additional radon test kits available at Dodge County Environmental Services Office in Mantorville.
For more information, contact Dodge County Public Health at 507-635-6150.


Due to the flooding that occurred in June, you may be looking for resources on how to clean up your home or things to consider for your safety. 

Please click on the below web link that outlines flood clean-up information that may be useful for you and your family.  This will direct you to the Minnesota Department of Health.  Dodge County Public Health cannot make the determination if in your specific situation it is safe to remain in your living area, but would like to provide you with the information to make an informed decision.

 If you are a resident of Dodge County and would like a Flood Clean-Up Kit, they are available at Mantorville City Hall.  These are free of charge.

This is the link to floods and flood cleanup on the MDH Website:

From the Dodge County Emergency Management FB page:

**Dodge County is asking all residents (city and county) that have suffered damage to their home or property from the flooding on June 28th to please contact 507-635-6420. 

Emergency Management is trying to gather ALL of the impacts to potentially request assistance.  This again is not a guarantee of assistance but rather a way of gathering an understanding of the big picture.  Please report damage even if you believe it to be minimal.**    

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