Dodge County is not Forgiving Property Tax Penalties
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May 15 is fast approaching and that is when the first half of residential and commercial property taxes are due and payable. If you do not make that payment on time, there is a penalty. And, as noted on your tax statement, “The later you pay, the greater the penalty you must pay.”

For homesteads, cabins, and agricultural homesteads, the penalty is 2 percent of the amount of the tax until June 1. After that, the penalty doubles to 4 percent.

For non-homesteads, the penalty is 4 percent after May 15 which doubles to 8 percent after June 1.

The penalties are spelled out in detail on the back of the tax statement you received in the mail within the past month.

If you are having financial difficulties because of the COVID-19 crisis and are not able to pay your property taxes on time, please pay your taxes as soon as you are able.

Dodge County has a process in place to forgive tax penalties with Dodge County Board of Commissioners’ approval. If taxes on a certain parcel are paid late, staff members in the Dodge County Finance department will automatically send an abatement application to the taxpayer.

The taxpayer may fill out and return this application if they feel the penalty should be forgiven or reduced because of extenuating circumstances.

Once the form is returned, the board will review it at their next meeting and approve or deny the request.