Land Records
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Land Records is the combination of three departments in Dodge County:  Assessor, GIS & Surveyor, and Recorder & Vitals.  Our department is responsible for a wide range of services relating to property assessment, drivers licensing, vital records (birth, death & marraige), real estate recording, and abstracting.  Contact information for each department is listed below.  More detailed information is listed on each of the area's web pages and can be assessed by clicking on the division name of the left navigation bar. 

Assessor: Ryan DeCook, AMA, Director of Land Records: (507) 635-6243

County Surveyor: Lisa Hanni, LS:  (651) 385-3197

GIS: Sarah Schrader, GISP: (651) 385-3193

Recorder & Vitals: Mona McAndrew, Chief Deputy Recorder: (507) 635-6250