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Absentee Ballot Information
Access Guidelines for County Road  
A County Building or Facility
Birth Certificate
Business Spotlights for Dodge County
Caucus Locations
Cemetery Information for Dodge County
County Road Map
Court Date
COVID-19 Vaccine Information
Data Request Form & Policy
Death Certificate
Driver's License Renewal
Election Information
File for Divorce
Flu Shots
GIS Data
Grave Location
Hours of Operation for County Offices
Impounded Vehicle
Information on Dodge County
Low Cost Immunizations for Children
Mortgage Information
Name Change
Notary Public Commission Filing
Parks & Trails
Passport Photos
Property Information in Dodge County
Property Tax Information
Property Tax Refund Information and Forms
Radon Test Kit
Snow Plow Policy (County Roads)
State ID Card
Storage at the Fairgrounds
Tax Forfeited Property
Trail Map
Voter Registration Information
Water Tests
Weight Restriction Map