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Visitation Update:
The facility continues with quarantine. However, we are able to resume indoor visitation at the facility but outdoor visitation is still on hold. Please call 507-374-2578 to schedule your visit with your loved one!


March 31, 2021

 Dear Resident/Resident Representative,

     With springtime comes a great deal of hope and promise for more good things to come regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are very excited to share with you changes in Visitation for our residents and their loved ones.  Following is a summary of our current visitation guidelines:

  1. There is no limit on the number of indoor or essential caregiver visits that can be scheduled in a week for a resident.  We will continue with 2 visitors at a time and with the same time frames that we have been using.   You can continue to schedule on-line on the Fairview Facebook page or on our Website or by calling the facility. 
  1. If your loved one meets the criteria for Compassionate Care Visits, these visits will continue no matter what the COVID-19 Vaccination status of the resident is or if they are COVID-19 positive.  Compassionate Care visits do not have to be scheduled 24 hours in advance.  We ask that you call the facility to let us know you are coming.  We encourage Compassionate Care visitors to rotate and not exceed more than 4 visitors in the room at one time.
  1. All visitors must:
A.     Be screened prior to entering the facility.  Point of Care testing is no longer required at this time.
B.     Must wear a facemask at all times.  Eye Protection is no longer required for visitors at this time.
C.     Must stay in the designated location for the visit and not visit with other residents, enter another
resident’s room or wander about the facility.  Visitors must also maintain 6 feet of distance from staff and other residents.   
D.     Hand hygiene must be completed when entering the facility and when leaving the resident room or designated area for your visit. 
E.     Schedule their visit 24 hours in advance.

  1. Visitors who do not follow the guidelines of Indoor Visits will not be allowed to continue to visit within the facility.
  1. Fairview will continue to help coordinate window visits and virtual visits.

     You recently received guidance from Fairview Care Center regarding non-medical outings for residents and ask that you please follow these guidelines.  We have also posted this guidance on our Facebook page and our website.   We are making positive steps forward for the benefit of our residents and their loved ones.  We need everyone to stay vigilant and protect our residents and our employees and keep us all heading in the right direction. 

     Changes in the County Positivity rate or a resident or employee testing positive will change Indoor Visitation which will be communicated to you at the time of the change. 

     This letter is being mailed to the primary contact only.  Please share this information with the rest of the family.  If you have any questions, please call us at 507-374-2578. 


Jane Sheeran, Administrator


 Dear Residents/Resident Representatives,

New guidance has been given to nursing homes from the Minnesota Department of Health regarding non-medical outings. They are still strongly recommending families do not take residents to their homes or to gatherings. However, they have provided the following guidance. If residents are fully vaccinated [Fully vaccinated refers to a person who is more than 2 weeks past the second dose of their two-dose COVID vaccine such as Moderna or Pfizer OR more than two weeks past a single-dose vaccine such as Johnson & Johnson], the resident is able to go on family outings and not have to quarantine upon their return. However, if the resident (regardless of their vaccination status) has an exposure to a COVID positive person, they will need to quarantine at the facility. If the resident is not vaccinated and is going on an outing, they will be required to be on a 14 day isolation upon their return to the facility.

            Long-term care facilities follow strict regulations and guidelines to prevent the entry and spread of COVID-19 in their buildings. The Minnesota Department of Health has recommended families taking these following steps to lower the risk of COVID exposure during your outings. 

  • If you are unvaccinated, limit chances for contact. For two weeks before your gatherings, avoid indoor settings with people who do not live with you and where you cannot stay at least 6 feet away from others or consistently wear a well-fitting mask (e.g., indoor social events, bars, restaurants, carpooling).
  • Wear a well-fitting mask when you are inside at locations outside of your house or at outdoor events where you cannot stay at least 6 feet away from others. 
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly: As recommended by the CDC, regularly wash your hands or use hand sanitizer and ask people coming in your house to do the same.
  • Physically distance: Follow CDC guidelines and keep a distance of at least 6 feet from others who live outside your household, whenever you can.

The Minnesota Department of Health also recommend that you help create a safe setting for those who are visiting.

  • Screen: Ask anyone entering or staying in your house if they have had a fever, cough, body aches, fatigue, runny nose, or other symptoms, or if they have recently been near someone with COVID-19. People with symptoms or known exposures should stay home and away from others.
  • Testing: If possible, get yourself and your household members tested for COVID-19 in time to get the results before bringing a long-term care resident into your home.
  • Mask: When at-risk people are visiting, wear a well-fitting mask that covers your mouth and nose while visiting with them inside your house. In addition, you should wear a well-fitting mask while in the car with them. Avoid riding in cars with people outside your household whenever possible. If people staying with you can also wear a mask, ask them to do so as well.
  • Socially distance: Set up your house so people can keep a physical distance between themselves and others.

If you are planning to take your loved one out of the facility for an outing, please call the facility at 507-374-2578 and speak with the Social Worker or Unit Managers to notify us of your upcoming outing. We would appreciate a 24 hour notice so that arrangements can be made at the facility.

This letter is being mailed to resident primary contact only. Please share this information with the rest of your family. We will continue to provide letters and phone calls with updates regarding our facility. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 507-374-2578.


Katelyn Ampe, Social Worker                                                 Diana Karlstad, DON                                                  
Direct Line: 507-635-6405                                                      Direct Line: 507-635-6525


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