-Take It To The Box-
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take it to the box

Medication drop-off boxes are located in the Lobby of the Dodge County Sheriff's Office and the Kasson Police Department.  These drop-off boxes can be Accessed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Items accepted include:
·         unused/expired prescription medicine
·         over-the-counter medications
·         animal/pet medications
·         liquid medications (must be in leak-proof containers)
·         illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia (such as pipes and other objects)
·         needles and sharps ARE NOT accepted at these locations

Before disposing of medication into the Box please do the following:
·         Take Medications to a drop box
·         Leave Medication in the original container
·         Remove your name and personal information
·         Keep the name of medication on the container and closed
·         Needles/Sharps ARE NOT accepted at these locations

All drop-offs are anonymous.
·         Illegal drugs and/or drug paraphernalia can be put in a paper bag or other container for privacy
          before dropping them into the disposal box.

take it to the boxtake it to the box take it to the box take it to the box