Public Safety
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The County Attorney is an elected representative of the County with legislative control over criminal and civil matters, acts as legal advisor to the County Board and the legal interests and concerns of all other departments in the County. This office also prosecutes all criminal offenses committed in the County with the exception of municipal ordinance violations.

Court Services/Probation
The Court Services Department implements probation and treatment programs for juveniles and adults, using restorative justice concepts. Programs are geared toward improving public safety, accountability, and offenders' competencies. Victim and community involvement and participation are emphasized.

Court Administration
The Court Administrator’s office is responsible for case management of traffic, civil, family, criminal, juvenile and probate divisions from time of filing to disposition. This office works closely with the County Attorney, Court Services, Human Services and Sheriff Department to insure timely processing of all court cases.

Drug Court
Dodge County District Court, in the Third judicial District of Minnesota will provide an Adult Drug Court Program to reduce substance abuse and criminal behavior among participants and empower adults and families to support positive lifestyles by providing strength-based intensive intervention and rehabilitation services tailored to meet the needs of the families and each individual participant.

Emergency Management
Emergency Management is responsible for managing all aspects of the county emergency management system including hazard analysis, emergency preparedness, and hazard mitigation.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) serves a population of nearly 20,000 including 6 municipalities (Claremont, Dodge Center, Hayfield, Kasson, Mantorville and West Concord) and 12 Townships. Kasson and West Concord have their own Police Departments while the Sheriff’s Office contracts with the remaining 4 municipalities.

In addition to patrol, the Sheriff’s Office has Deputies assigned to the departments of Investigations, the School Resource Officer Program, the ENTRY Team, and the Crime Prevention Unit.

Victim Services
The Victim Services Staff Advocate of Dodge County is available to answer any questions you may have about exercising your rights if you become the victim of a crime. In addition we do short term counseling with crime victims to support them through the lengthy court process and offer support and preparation if/when they may testify.

Women’s Shelter
The mission of Women's Shelter Inc. is to assist female victims of domestic violence and their children by establishing and maintaining a facility which will provide safe, temporary shelter to these women and children. Women's Shelter Inc. was begun not only to offer temporary refuge for individual victims of domestic violence, but also to challenge society to develop satisfactory alternatives to violent living.