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Current Construction Projects:

SAP 020-603-016, etc.
-  Bituminous Pavement Mill and Overlay on Dodge County Road 3 in Claremont, MN; Bituminous Surfacing and Aggregate Shouldering on CSAH 5, 2.8 miles West of West Concord, MN; Bituminous Pavement Reclamation, Shoulder Widening, Aggregate Base, and Bituminous Surfacing on C.S.A.H 9 (220th Ave), 5.8 miles East of Dodge Center, MN

CP  020-622-001, etc. - Bituminous Pavement Mill and Overlay and Bituminous Pavement Reclamation on CSAH 22 and CSAH 24

CP 020-607-001 - Concrete Resurfacing from TH 14 to CSAH 34; WHKS is the Engineering Firm in charge of this project.  For a detour map click here

Future Construction Projects:
To view or download a copy of our most recent Capital Improvement Plan, please click here

Current Bridge Projects:
Ashland Township Bridge No. 20564 and Approach Grading on 645th St, 1.4 miles southwest of Dodge Center, MN

Future Bridge Projects:
To view or download a copy of our most recent bridge priority list, please click here