Sunrise & Sunset Trails
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Dodge County owns and maintains Seminary Park in Wasioja and 4.6 miles of walking and biking trails called Sunrise and Sunset Trails. These trails connect the cities of Kasson and Mantorville.  In addition to these, the County maintains Plowville, a historic site along Co Rd 34 just east of Dodge Center and a future parking lot near the recruiting station in Wasioja.

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Most maintenance is performed by the Highway Department and is overseen by the Parks and Trails Committee.  This committee consists of 4 community members, a county commissioner, and the County Engineer.  Meetings are held as needed throughout the year.  Currently the committee is working to secure grants and other funding to preserve the historic Seminary Park, maintain the existing assets, and eventually expand the park system.

Please note:  County trails will only be plowed when time and resources are available.  The Highway Department's main focus is clearing the roads and maintaining safe passage on the roadways.  Only after the county roads have been sufficiently treated will attention be turned towards the trails.  At no time should the public consider the trails to be completely free of ice and/or snow during the winter months.

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