Public Health Medical Reserve Corps of Dodge County
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Dodge County Public HealthMedical Reserve Corps of Dodge County is part of a nationwide initiative to pre-register, pre-credential, manage, and mobilize volunteers to help their communities respond to all types of disasters.  When disaster strikes, our county needs volunteers who have had disaster training and have authorized credentials to respond.  Your knowledge and skills will be vital to your community- family, friends, and neighbors in times of need.  When a health emergency happens, your skills and concern for others will be crucial to Dodge County.

Medical and non medical volunteers are needed.  Medical volunteers can be students, retired, or actively practicing Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Pharmacists, EMT’s, Psychiatrists, Public Health Professionals, etc.  Non medical volunteers will be used for registration, greeters, traffic control, data entry, and many more support positions.  This is a great opportunity to take part in building a stronger healthier community, network with other medical professionals and community members, and get free training.

After the initial orientation session you will be asked to complete disaster related training, most of which can be completed online in the comfort of your own home.  Each deployment will vary based on time or personnel needs and more training will be provided at that point.  Liability will be covered under the state as well as all travel and lodging expenses when deployed. 

Whether you want to help when disaster strikes locally, or within the state, or you are interested in helping with other Public Health needs please go to for more information or register at

Thank you for your interest!

Kaitlyn Smith

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