Land Use
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Dodge County is currently one of the fastest growing counties outside of the twin cities metropolitan area.  It’s proximity to Rochester and rural/agricultural character have made it an attractive place to live. The Minnesota State Demographers office has predicted that Dodge County will continue to experience well above average population growth for the next couple of decades. The Dodge County land use plans and ordinances have been developed and are implemented to:

Protect and promote public health, safety, general welfare, morals and the environment;

Protect and preserve agricultural land, productivity of such land and animal agricultural:

Promote and provide for orderly, responsible and sustainable development and land use;

Promote compatible development and uses to prevent land use conflicts, conserve the value of properties and preserve the quality of life;

Promote appropriate development and use of land located within the Shoreland District to preserve and enhance the quality of surface waters, conserve the economic and natural environmental values of shorelands and provide for the wise use of water and related land resources;

Promote appropriate development of floodplains and limit the development or use of land which could result in the potential for loss of life and property, create health and safety hazards and lead to extraordinary public expenditures for flood protection and relief;

Protect and preserve historical, archeological, scenic and other natural resources which are significant to Dodge County.

Protect groundwater quantity and quality by facilitating the adequate provision of water, sewage treatment, manure storage and application and management of all land uses within the county.

Dodge County is responsible for regulating land use to promote sustainabie and compatible development while protecting the public health, safety, welfare, morals and the environment for all the citizens of Dodge County.