Hayfield City Marshal Ole Havey
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City Marshal Oly Havey
(End of Watch - December 30th 1905)

 Marshal Ole HaveyOle Havey, Hayfield City Marshal of three years, was shot and killed during a burglary in Hayfield on December 30th, 1905.  Havey was the first Law Enforcement Line of Duty Death recorded in Dodge County. 

Havey was patrolling the city of Hayfield when he observed a light and movement in the Dalen & Alrick Store on Main Street.  He immediately responded to the store to investigate and was shot and killed by the burglar, later identified as a drifter named Frank McVey.  McVey was eventually caught and convicted of Havey's murder.  McVey served 36 years in Stillwater State Prison and was released in 1942.

Marshal Ole Havey was survived by his wife Lulu and three children all under the age of 10.

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