Household Hazardous Waste
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How do you know if a product is hazardous?
The label will give you enough information to decide whether the product is hazardous or not.

Look for these signal words:
danger sign  Means the substance is extremely flammable, corrosive, or highly toxic.
Poison  Means the substance is highly toxic.
warning sign  Means the substance is moderately toxic.
caution sign  Means the substance may be mildly hazardous.

Also look for a description of the hazard advice on what to do to avoid the hazard, instructions for safe handling and storage, first aid instructions, and directions for disposal. 

CORROSIVECorrosive-acid.svg                    FLAMMABLE   flammable                 POISONOUSPoison-skull.svg
Drain Openers                              Gas                                                Mercury Products
Oven Cleaners                              Adhesives                                     Latex or Water Base Paint
Toilet Bowl Cleaners                    Aerosols                                       Rechargable Batteries
Lye                                                Roofing Tar                                  Anti-Freeze
Pool Acids                                    Brake Fluid                                   Pesticides
Photographic Chemicals              Transmission Fluid                      Herbicides 
Floor and Furniture Polish           Oil Base Paint                               Fungicides
                                                      Diesel Fuel                                                   
                                                      Paint Solvents or Thinners

Dodge County can now accept oil base and latex paint at the Dodge County Recycling Center. Limit of 5 gallons per visit. Please see the PaintCare acceptable list. Dodge County is not able to take any materials that are not on the acceptable list. All other items must go to the Olmsted County Regional Hazardous Waste Facility in Rochester. 

What to Bring

If you have leftover products
- Keep it in the original container and make sure it is labeled. Store as directed on label, in an area safe from children & pets. Give leftover product (except pesticides) to someone else who can use it up. If none of these options work, be safe and bring the leftover product to a household hazardous waste collection, or the Olmsted County HHW Facility.


Dodge County has a cooperative HHW program with Olmsted, Wabasha, and Goodhue Counties. There is no fee for households to bring waste to a Mobile HHW Collection Event. Due to budget restraints, Dodge County will not be hosting a mobile collection of HHW until further notice. Dodge County residents can bring hazardous waste to the Olmsted County Regional Facility located in Rochester at 305 Energy Parkway NE near the County's Waste-to-Energy Facility. Hours of operation are Tuesday - Saturday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 
For more information about these collections call:
Dodge County                    507-635-6273
Goodhue County                651-385-3105
Olmsted County                 507-328-7070
Wabasha County                651-565-2577

exclam ATTENTION BUSINESSES AND FARMERS: We CAN NOT accept your business-generated hazardous waste at our mobile household hazardous collection. However, we are able to provide you service through other programs. Please call for more information.