Public Health Emergency Preparedness Planning
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What is Emergency Preparedness?                      

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Public Health Emergency Preparedness involves coordinating, planning, and communicating with partner agencies, organizations, and the community to understand potential threats and effective responses to Public Health Emergencies.

Dodge County Public Health is continually preparing to respond to public health emergencies – including; illness related to food or water, a communicable disease outbreak, and health related effects from natural or man-made disasters. The threat of bioterrorism, along with the recognition that many common occurrences like food borne illnesses, power outages, floods and other natural disasters have public health impacts, has driven the need for local public health departments across the state, along with the Minnesota Department of Health, to prepare responses to a wide variety of events. Dodge County Public Health will share accurate and up-to-date information and resources before, during, and after a public health emergency.

Dodge County Public Health is currently developing and testing the public health emergency response plans. This includes planning for mass clinics to dispense medications or vaccines in case of a local, regional, or statewide communicable disease outbreak and planning to assist the Minnesota Department of Health in areas such as disease surveillance, follow-up, and monitoring.

Contact Information
Madison Snitker
42 E Main Street, PO Box 129
Dodge Center, MN  55927
Phone: 507-635-6150
Fax: 507-633-9601

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