Dodge County Sheriff Posse
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The Dodge County Sheriff’s Posse is a volunteer organization that has been assisting the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office for over 30 years. The Sheriff’s Posse consists of both active members and honorary members. The Sheriff’s Posse is primarily funded through working uniformed patrol at various events and donations. Posse members are recognized as uniformed volunteers who work under the direct supervision of the Sheriff or one of his representatives.  The current Captain of the Posse program is Jesse Durland.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Posse is open to Dodge County residents over the age of 21 who do not have a felony record and are of good moral character. All new applicants are required to undergo a background check and complete the Field Training Program before they are excepted as a Dodge County Sheriff’s Posse member.

The Dodge County Sheriffs Posse requires an average of 2 days per month to remain an active member in good standing. The areas of service include riding along with regular patrol deputies, parades, other enforcement duties and uniformed patrol for the following events:

  • Dodge County Speedway – Kasson
  • Old Tyme Days – Mantorville
  • Dodge County Fair – Kasson
  • Hey Days – Hayfield
  • Hog Fest – Claremont
  • Berne Swiss Fest – Berne
  • Wedding dances – Kasson
  • Graduation Parties – Kasson
  • Marigold Days – Mantorville
  • Harvest Fest – Dodge Center
  • Hayfield Homecoming – Hayfield
  • Private Halloween Party – Mantorville
  • Hayfield High School Halloween Dance – Hayfield
Members are called upon night or day to secure crime scenes, assist during natural disasters, work uniformed patrol, do traffic control and join search parties.

In order for Posse members to learn and acquire certain skills, they are expected to attend monthly meetings and training sessions held at the Dodge County Courthouse every third Monday of the month except January and December. Training sessions include Use of Force, Search and Rescue, handcuffing, mace, taser, shot gun, take-downs, pressure points and CPR. Members are expected to sign up for shifts at each city event. It is also expected that members will volunteer for shifts at occasional parades or other events that have been approved by the Sheriff.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Posse donates to numerous local organizations as well as the Toys for Tots Program. The Sheriff’s Posse gives individuals an opportunity to give something back to their communities and provides a valuable service the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department.
The Dodge County Sheriff’s Posse is now accepting applications for new members. Volunteer posting information can be obtained below: