911 Dispatch Center
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The Dodge County Dispatch Center is the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for Dodge County. It's responsible for dispatching all incoming 911 calls as well as non-emergency calls for all Emergency Services for all 6 cities and 12 townships within the county.

DCSO Dispatch provides radio-dispatching services for the Sheriff's Office as well as the Kasson Police Department, West Concord Police Department, Dodge Center Ambulance Service, Hayfield Ambulance Service, West Concord Ambulance Service, and the county's six fire departments. We also assist and communicate with State Patrol, Mayo One, Public Works, and DNR field personnel.

Our Dispatch center has been recently expanded and upgraded with an Enhanced 911 phone system, 800 mhz Armor Radio System, and new Computer Aided Dispatch.  Our center is staffed twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week with two dispatchers on duty at all times.

Matt Maas is our PSAP/Emergency Management Director and leads this division of the Sheriff's Office.  Our Dispatch Supervisor is Dawn Frieberg.   They can be reached by email at matt.maas@co.dodge.mn.us or dawn.frieberg@co.dodge.mn.us


DCSO 911 Dispatch Center 1991-2016

Prior to moving to our new location within the Courthouse Annex, we were in this smaller space in the Sheriff's Office. From 1991-2016 this room served as our Dispatch Center.  There was also a public window here in this room. At that time our dispatchers were also the public's first point of contact when they came to our offices. 

Old Dispatch Center
From 1974-1991 the Dodge County Sheriff's Office was located at the bottom of the hill on South Main Street (Mantorville Ave. Mantorville) in a building that was converted from an old gas station.  


  • The Dispatcher will inquire what happened, where are you, and when did the incident occur.
  • If you need emergency medical care instructions, the Dispatcher will transfer you to Mayo Clinic's Pre-Arrival Care Services for help while our deputies and the ambulance is responding.
  • DO NOT HANG UP until the Dispatcher tells you he/she is done getting information from you.
  • Remember 911 is used for life or death emergencies and crimes in progress.
  • Please keep the non-emergency telephone number (507-635-6200) readily available for non-emergency services.