DCSO's Crime Free Multi-Housing Program?
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Where it Began
The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program began in Mesa Arizona in July of 1992. It has spread across the Unites States and to Canada in a very short time. It is designed to be a partnership between law enforcement, property managers and residents.

How it Works
The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is a unique, three phase certification program for rental properties of all sizes. The first phase is the completing of an eight hour program taught by the Sheriff's Office, Fire Personnel and guest speakers. All managers and staff of rental properties are encouraged to attend. At completion of this training all graduates are awarded a green certificate.

Phase I
Phase I also involves managers in using the Crime Free/Drug Free Lease Addendum for all new tenants and with tenants who renew their lease. The Sheriff's Office also requires that criminal history checks be completed on all new tenants.

Phase II
Phase II involves a physical security check of the apartment complex by a trained Deputy. There are seven minimum requirements that must be met to pass this phase. Once this phase is passed, the complex is awarded a red certificate.

Phase III
Phase III is a tenant safety training. Rental complexes are required to sponsor one tenant training per year. Certified Deputies conduct the class and discuss the latest safety tips and answer questions from tenants. After the tenant training, the apartment complex receives a blue certificate.

After verification that all requirements are being met, the apartment complex is awarded the final gold certificate. The certificate is good for only one year. The complex must be recertified every year.

In addition to the yearly gold certificate, the complex is awarded several Crime Free Multi-Housing Signs. The complex is also allowed to use the Crime Free Multi-Housing logo on all of its stationary and advertisements.

While no program can guarantee a crime free apartment complex or rental unit, area agencies like the Rochester Police Department have seen significant reduction in calls to service in their apartment complexes since the initiation of this program.

For more information on the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program or Crime-Free Multi-Housing Workshops, contact Sergeant Jeff Brion in the Crime Prevention Unit at 507-635-6222 ext. 1352 or email jeff.brion@dodgecountymn.gov.