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Sheriff's Office Challenge Coin



A challenge coin is a small coin or medallion (usually military), bearing an organization's insignia or emblem and carried by the organizations members.  They are often collected by service members, used to prove membership, used for recognition, and exchanged in recognition of visits to the organization.

The theory of the origin of the challenge coins vary.  The Roman Empire rewarded soldiers by presenting them with coins to recognize their achievements.  In WWII, challenge coins were used by Office of Strategic Service Personnel who were deployed in Nazi held France.  The coins were used to verify a person's identity during planning meetings, a way to prevent infiltration from spy's.  Finally, there is another story about an American Soldier scheduled to rendezvous with Philippine guerrillas during WWII.  He carried a Philippine solid silver coin that was stamped on one side with the unit insignia.  The coin was used to verify to the guerrillas that the soldier was their valid contact for the mission against the Japanese.

Here at the Dodge County Sheriff's Office, we designed a 1 3/4" challenge coin that represents the Sheriff's Office, our historic courthouse, and highlights the 5 basic fundamentals that we follow.   The coin also displays a blue line with the number "3123" on it.  This was the badge number of our late Captain Loring Guenther, who was our Office's first line of duty death on September 10th of 2013.  

Captain Guenther's focus with our Office was always on training, and we wish to carry on that tradition in his honor with this collector coin.

Also, if you look close on the back side of the coin, you'll see the courthouse circled by both a thin gold line and thin blue line.  The gold line represents our Dispatchers, and the blue line represents our Deputies.  

Proceeds from the sale of this coin will go into a special training fund for the Sheriff's Office on Captain Guenther's behalf.

CHALLENGE COIN - $10.00   (includes sales tax)


Coins can be purchased at the Sheriff's Office Records window M-F from 8-430pm.  Cash or Check only.  Sorry no credit cards at this time.  Call our office if you have questions 635-6200 and ask for Records.

Thank you for your support!!!