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Individual Crime Prevention Seminars:

Frauds & Scams (approx. 60-90 minutes)
This seminar covers a wide variety of frauds and scams: definition of frauds and scams, statistics about typical suspect, ATM scam, fraud prevention, how your wallet can hurt you, what to do if you become a victim of fraud, credit card fraud and how to prevent it, credit card phone scams, telemarketing fraud and tips for prevention, home improvement scams, West African letter scams, contest and sweepstakes scams, pigeon drop, fraudulent health and medical products, charitable solicitation fraud, Question and Answer time.

Personal Safety (approx. 60-90 minutes)
This seminar is a general personal safety seminar for all audiences. Seminar Covers: victim profile and what they look for, safety at home, safety in your vehicle, road rage, what to do if you car breaks down, personal safety at work, out of office calls, words about weapons, hotel/motel/resort safety, drugs and Gangs. One of the following two videos is used within this seminar depending on the audience: "Senior Alert Safety" (Safety Tips for Seniors) and "Be on the Safe Side" (Safety tips for all adults)

Identity Theft (approx. 60-90 minutes)
Definition of Identity Theft, how it is committed, ATM Scams, ID Theft Prevention, How your Wallet Can Hurt You, What to do if you are a victim. Identity Theft Video is also included Question and Answer time.

Neighborhood Watch Training (approx. 60 minutes)
What is Neighborhood Watch, What are the benefits, How to get started, Block Captains, What training you get, What activity to report, and Operation ID.

Staying Safe in Dangerous Situations (approx 60 minutes)
This seminar explains various ways to protect yourself, helps you to understand how you react to situations physically and psychologically, prepare yourself for conflict, be aware of your options, manage conflict, Personal Safety during professional home visits, Workplace violence statistics and suggestions, reminds you that your personal conduct is important, and give examples of some dangerous situations; if your home has been burglarized, you encounter an unfriendly dog, if you are being followed, stalking , carjacking, road rage, if your car breaks down, pickpocket and distraction theft, ID Theft and what to do, Domestic Violence stats/signs/and cycles, Word about weapons, Question and Answer.

Travel Safety (approx. 60-90 minutes)
This seminar teaches travel safety. What to do before you leave home, Safety on the Road, Safety in your Vehicle, Road Rage, Airline Travel Safety, Bus Travel Safety, Hotel/Motel Safety, Sight Seeing Safety, Pick Pocket Distraction Theft, Words about Weapons, Question and Answer Time.

Crime Prevention & Domestic Violence (approx. 60-90 minutes)
This seminar is designed to provide information for those who involved in a violent relationship, or are interested in helping a family member(s) or friend(s) get out of violent relationships. The seminar covers Domestic Violence statistics, symptoms of abuse, describes the domestic violence cycle, domestic violence signs, dating violence, stalking, what to do if you are involved in a violent relationship, your Bill of Rights, Q&A. Video also included.


Small Business Crime Prevention Seminars:

Small Business Crime Prevention (approx 60-90 minutes)
This seminar teaches Crime Prevention for Business owners and managers. Procedures with employees, suggestions on deposit and cash procedures, employee theft, shoplifters and what to look for, preventing robberies and what to do if a robbery occurs, alarm and camera system tips, counterfeit bills; how to detect and what to do, Question and Answer Time. Video also included.

Bank Robbery Prevention/Safety Seminar (approx 60-90 minutes)
This seminar teaches Bank Robbery training for Bank management and employees. Seminar covers identifying the suspect, identifying weapons, prevention tips, what to do during a robbery, robber profile, why your bank, how the Sheriff’s Office will respond, what to do after the robbery, suspect and vehicle identification, Question and Answer Time. Video also included.

This is only a partial seminar listing. Additional topics are available for both citizen groups and businesses. Seminars and their content are subject to change.