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Dodge County Weapons Screening

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office implemented enhanced building security and court safety procedures in February of 2016.  This included adding Weapons Screening Station to the entrance of our Public Safety area of the courthouse.   Our Court Security Sergeant is Scott Prins.  Sergeant Prins supervises the entire court security program including prisoner transports, building safety, and court room security.  His staff includes licensed deputies working in the courtroom and transport deputies handling prisoner transports to and from the Adult Detention Center.


All visitors to the courthouse are now required to go thru this weapons screening area before entering the Public Safety Area of the Courthouse.  This area includes Sheriff's Office, Probation, County Attorney's Office, Public Defender's Office, Drug Court, Victim Services, Court Administration, and District Court.

All court hearings in Dodge County are now staffed with licensed armed deputies for your safety. 

Prohibited items include but aren't limited to:weapons screener

- Firearms including pellet and BB guns unless carried by those authorized by the courts
- Knives or other bladed instruments (exceptions would be contractor tools)
- Electronic or chemical incapacitation devices including mace or personal defense sprays
- Explosives or Ammunition
- Martial Arts weapons
- Batons
- Brass knuckles
- Flammable liquids
- Any replica or toy versions of above items
- Any other item designed or carried as a weapon capable of producing great bodily harm or death
- Any item which is illegal to possess under Minnesota law

Anyone that attempts to enter the courthouse possessing any of these prohibited items risk being arrested and the items confiscated by Security.  Security will not hold any items for visitors of the Public Safety area.  The screening area will open each day during normal business hours of 8am-430pm  Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays).  Our mission is to ensure the Courtroom and Public Safety areas of the complex are weapons free - safe for our staff and the public we serve. 

If you have any questions or concerns about weapons screening or courthouse security, please contact Sergeant Scott Prins at or Patrol Captain Jeff Espinosa at