Court Administration
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The mission statement of the Minnesota State Courts is as follows:

To resolve disputes fairly, impartially, and with respect accorded to each and every person who comes to our courts.

Minnesota District Courts handle all of the following divisions from filing to disposition: Civil, Criminal, Family, Juvenile, Probate, Traffic and Conciliation.

There are 11 counties in the Third Judicial District, and there are 22 Judges to hear all cases in our district. We also have "magistrates" throughout the state who handle expedited child support cases.

The Court Administrator’s office is responsible for case management of traffic, civil, family, criminal, juvenile, and probate divisions from time of filing to disposition. This office works closely with the county attorney, court services, human services and sheriff department to insure timely processing of all court cases.

  1. Access to Justice (A justice system that is open, affordable, understandable, and provides appropriate levels of service to all users),
  2. Administering Justice For Effective Results (Adopting approaches and processes for the resolution of the cases that enhance the outcomes for individual participants and the public),
  3. Public Trust, Accountability, And Impartiality (A justice system that engenders public trust and confidence through impartial decision-making and accountability for the use of public resources)
Court Administration
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