Real Estate & Tax Service
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Property Tax Statements are mailed out once a year. If you purchase property after the tax statements have already been mailed, you will NOT receive a tax statement from us. If you would like to obtain a copy of your tax statement contact the Finance Office at 507-635-6239. You will need to provide your parcel identification number or your address.

A Tax Statement is always mailed to the property owner. If the owner has escrow, each mortgage company is provided with the information needed to make tax payments.

Property Tax Due Dates and Deadlines
January 2 Unpaid prior year taxes become delinquent
May 15 1st half real estate tax due on all real property
August 31 1st half mobile home taxes are due
October 15 2nd half real estate tax due on most property
November 15 2nd half taxes due on property classified as "Agricultural"
November 15 2nd half mobile home taxes due